Brave browser : the web3 pioneer

We tend to forget that the first #web3 browser

was created

in 2016…

Brave is a web3 pioneer.

Though today, the Brave browser and its associated cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token (BAT) faces challenges, Here’s a summary:

✨ 1. Brave’s Struggles

➡ Historical Pioneer:

Created in 2016 by Brendan Eich, the founder of Firefox, Brave was a web3 browser pioneer. Despite its undeniable qualities, it struggles to stand out in the next-generation browser race.

➡ Unfulfilled Promises:

Brave, launched with the promise of decentralization and innovation, aimed to revolutionize Internet economics with BAT. However, it has fallen short of these expectations.

➡ Mandatory KYC:

Contrary to its initial decentralization promise, Brave now requires extensive identity verification for BAT access, using a third-party solution via the Gemini platform.

✨ 2. BAT’s Challenges

➡ Stagnant Ecosystem:

The browser struggles to sustain its web 3.0 economic system. Users report random and non-transparent BAT rewards distribution and bugs.

➡ Declining User Base:

Brave’s user base has stagnated or declined since 2022, with the BAT holding little interest outside of speculation.

➡ BAT’s Decline:

The value of BAT has dropped significantly, losing 50% in one year and falling out of the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

✨ 3. Marketing and Competition Issues

➡ Marketing Missteps in web3 browser:

Brave’s marketing, including its logo and branding, has been inconsistent and confusing.

➡ Increasing Competition:

Brave faces stiff competition from other browsers like Microsoft Edge and Opera, which are also venturing into web 3.0.

✨ 4. Brave’s Strengths and Future

➡ Privacy and Performance:

Despite these issues, Brave excels in blocking web trackers and offers easy access to the Tor network.

➡ Potential in Cryptocurrency Integration:

By focusing on integrated web payments, Brave could still play a significant role in cryptocurrency adoption.

While #Brave has achieved its primary mission of user privacy, it now struggles to make BAT a useful cryptocurrency in the #web3 economy.

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