Welcome to Brand3index, your premier business intelligence solution dedicated to shaping innovation roadmaps and driving greater ROI for brands. 

Our suite of services is meticulously designed to empower brands and organizations in navigating the dynamic landscape of Web3 technologies and beyond. Explore the distinct sections of our offerings:

1. Web3 Readiness

Is your brand prepared to embrace the era of Web3? Our pioneering approach involves assessing your organization’s readiness through our proprietary “Web3 Readiness Score.” We delve into ten crucial dimensions, from management support to partnerships and collaborations, to provide a comprehensive evaluation. Whether you’re forging ahead with internal initiatives or exploring joint ventures, our insights will guide your Web3 transformation journey.

2. Web3 Performance

As the global standard in Web3 performance analysis, Brand3index meticulously examines over 100 data points across the consumer funnel: Awareness, Engagement, and Action. Leveraging data from both Web2 applications and blockchain sources, we offer unparalleled insights into your brand’s digital footprint and market positioning.

3. Ad'hoc Research

In addition to our standardized analyses, we specialize in conducting custom studies and research tailored to your brand’s unique needs. From data analytics to brand lift surveys, our expertise enables you to unlock new avenues of innovation and strategic growth.

Data + Insights

Brand3index delivers comprehensive research and reports spanning automotive, entertainment, retail, CPG, luxury, beauty, food, drinks, and travel industries. With a focus on analyzing and benchmarking over 200 global and local brands, we provide actionable insights and market analysis to clients worldwide, fostering informed decision-making and sustainable growth.

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