GenZ Is Turning to Social Media as Their Search Engine

For quick answers and relatable information, Gen Z is increasingly turning to social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram as their primary search engines.

This marks a stark generational shift. 

Gen Z has grown up immersed in social media, seeing it as an “information superhighway” for finding authentic, relatable content in their preferred video format.

Gen Z favors Social Media over Search Engine for a few key reasons:

1) Video Content is Preferred: 85% regularly use YouTube, with 80% saying videos influence their buying decisions. 

2) Brand/Product Discovery: 45% use Instagram to find and research new brands and products.

3) Long-tail, Conversational Searches: Gen Z tends to use longer, more natural language queries.

4) Diverse and Inclusive Content: As the most diverse U.S. generation, Gen Z values content reflecting different backgrounds.

While Google fights back with AI tools surfacing more social commentary, this youth migration signals a continuing evolution in how we search online.