Nike, Adidas and Gucci Lead Web 3 in the Brand3index Q3 – 2023 Barometer published in INfluencia

The Web3 market is experiencing a paradoxical moment.

The value of NFTs has decreased in 2023, yet every week, new brands are entering this new marketing arena.

Brand3index’s latest quarterly study (Q3 – 2023) once again demonstrates this trend.

📌 A total of 92 active programs launched by 58 brands in 8 industries on the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains are analyzed.

📌 The top two brands in this ranking are Nike and Adidas with a score of 130 (out of 200), followed by Gucci (127).

📌 At the top of the rankings, we find global brands such as Starbucks (5th), Lacoste (8th), Porsche (14th), Louis Vuitton (17th), and Mastercard (19th), but also lesser-known brands that have successfully integrated the specifics of Web3, such as Reddit (5th), CULTandRAIN (12th), Kiki World (16th), SOL3MATES (27th), and WineBottleClub (29th).

📌 The industries most represented at the top of this ranking are fashion, leisure, and luxury, but many other sectors are in the top 20, such as retail (Starbucks), beverages (Bud Light), beauty (NYX and Kiki World), automotive (Porsche), financial services (Mastercard), and aviation (Etihad and AirBaltic).

Some examples are particularly interesting to analyze, and numerous insights are drawn from the Q3 – 2023 Barometer by Brand3index.

Link to the full article published in INfluencia (in french) :