🌟✨ Announcing Beauty Brands in Web3 Maturity Report – Brand3index Q3 2023 ✨

🚀 Excited to unveil our exclusive report: “The State of Beauty Brands in Web3 – Q3 2023.”

The Beauty Brands Web3 Maturity Report provides a deep dive into how global beauty brands and emerging challengers are harnessing blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized models to create a win-win scenario for consumers and brands alike.

💡 What’s Inside?

📌 Global and Emerging Brands: Discover how brands like NYX, Clinique, YSLBeauty, Mugler, and KikiWorld are setting new standards in customer engagement.

📌 Consumer-Centric Strategies: Learn how these brands are transforming consumers from passive buyers to active participants in product development.

📌 Expert Insights: Featuring insights from Jana Bobosikova interview, Co-founder of KIKI World:

“With KIKI, customers are participants, not just consumers. By having an on-chain layer underneath all actions, we are building roadblocks of digitized, customer-centric interactions beyond what Web2 commerce can off​​ce ….”.

“This report offers a breakdown across these technologies, helping marketers reflect on the readiness of their brand to face the future, which waits for no-one ….”

” The State of Beauty Brands in Web3 is an essential read for brand strategists, digital innovators, and anyone interested in the evolving dynamics of beauty and technology”.

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