KIKI World a beauty brand to boost user experience.

At the intersection of beauty and technology, KIKI World ventures where few have dared to go, integrating Web3 at the core of its business model.

But KIKI World does not limit itself to technological innovation; it redefines the very concept of beauty product creation.

Rather than dictate, KIKI World listens; rather than impose, it invites co-creation.

This pioneering approach places community and engagement at the center of KIKI World’s universe, promising not only to revolutionize beauty products but also the way they are conceived and shared

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Kiki World : The Concept

How do you create digital products and a physical product company?

Most beauty product brands use the internet to sell physical items; we felt that this didn’t align with our lifestyle at all. It feels like there’s a 100-year gap.

We express ourselves and have so many online identities, but you go into a store and try to do the same thing in the physical world, and it’s a bit awkward.

We wanted to create a more fluid, digital, and physical brand, where it would be normal to engage with it online and find it in stores.

kiki world history

KiKi World history

The story of KIKI World begins with a simple yet revolutionary idea: what if consumers became the creators?

In an industry often criticized for its top-down approach, the founders of KIKI World saw an opportunity for change.

Jana Bobosikova, Ricky Chan, and Brendon Garner, each bringing unique expertise, united around this vision. They were not satisfied with the status quo and wanted to create a platform where every voice could be heard, where every idea could come to life.

Kiki World Key Success Factors

The sparkling beginnings of KIKI World can be attributed to several key success factors.

The first is undoubtedly the support of strategic and financial partners who believed in the brand’s vision from the outset. These investors, on the lookout for disruptive innovations, saw in KIKI World the potential to shake up the industry.

Jana Bobosikova, the CEO, has been instrumental in implementing agile and technological strategies that allow KIKI World to stand out.

But more than anything, it is KIKI World’s alignment with an emerging trend, that of more conscious and participative consumption, that has catapulted the brand to the forefront.

“Design is the language of adoption. You can create the most beautiful technology or piece of content, but if it’s not culturally relevant and it doesn’t have an appeal, it doesn’t matter”

Innovation at KIKI World is not limited to the use of new technologies; it lies in questioning every aspect of product creation.

From ideation to production, each step is influenced by the community. This democratic approach to beauty not only produces items that truly resonate with consumers but also creates a sense of belonging and pride among community members.


The integration of Web3 by KIKI World goes beyond mere adoption of blockchain or cryptocurrencies.

It is a genuine corporate philosophy that places transparency, security, and engagement at the forefront. Thanks to Web3, KIKI World can offer a unique experience to its community, where every contribution is recorded, and every interaction is valued.

This technology not only serves to secure transactions but also serves to forge stronger bonds between the brand and its consumers, transforming each user into a true co-creator.

The blockchain provides the technical “infra” solution, but the brand makes it transparent for users.

Beyond co-creation, the platform offers digitized ownership of products, in the form of the KIKI World Pass, a non-transferable token that exists on the Polygon blockchain platform and is linked to each member’s dynamic profile.

The dynamic profile, accessible to all with only an email address required, removes digital barriers and is updated each time members vote, use a product, and engage with the brand’s platform.

Upon registration, they receive 50 points. The first time they vote, they receive 50 points; afterward, they receive five points per vote.

Accumulated points can be exchanged for free products and special discounts.

Through specific NFT collectibles for products, members can advocate for and create decentralized experiences through their favorite products within the “peer-to-peer” network.

It is the members themselves who determine the extent to which their data is shared, offering a new form of transparency and trust.

kiki world co-creation


Co-creation at KIKI World is manifested through interactive campaigns, virtual brainstorming workshops, and live feedback sessions.

Every product launched by the brand is the result of ongoing dialogue with the community. From nail polishes to skincare, each reference carries the imprint of those who will use them.

This strategy is not limited to responding to demand; it anticipates the needs and desires of the community, thereby creating innovative and deeply personal products.


KIKI World aspires to transform consumers into co-owners and profit-sharing partners. These expressions are often misinterpreted, so let’s explore their true meaning:

Previously, companies relied on intermediaries and influencers to promote their products, limiting their compensation without offering them a share in the company’s success.

Platforms monopolized the value generated by user attention and engagement, charging companies for access while neglecting to reward consumers.

Furthermore, consumers acted as mere “transactional” actors, without a real connection to the product or brand. Today, KIKI World seeks to engage consumers and creators in a collaborative and immersive brand experience, allowing them to share the fruits of success through KIKI points, and most importantly, a portion of the brand’s future revenues.

In essence, consumers (and creators!) are becoming key elements of KIKI World’s ecosystem, directly benefiting from its expansion.

Kiki World: Performance and first results

Since its launch, KIKI World has experienced remarkable growth, illustrated not only by its exponential community growth but also by the tangible impact of its innovations on the market.

Key performance indicators analyzed in Brand3index Beauty report attest to the effectiveness of its unique business model and its profound resonance with contemporary consumers.

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The KIKI World community, at the heart of the brand’s identity, has seen its size and engagement increase dramatically.

It’s not just the number of members that impresses, but the quality of interactions and the depth of engagement. KIKI World’s forums and platforms buzz with activity, creativity, and collaboration, bearing witness to a genuine sense of belonging and shared passion for innovation in beauty.

According to Jana Bobosikova:

90% of the brand’s community is aged 18 to 24, with a 20% male proportion.

The majority of members reside in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, with an influx from certain Asian regions like Japan and a growing international demand.

With over 1,500 token holders, the company is currently one of the largest on-chain communities.


Products resulting from KIKI World’s co-creation model have distinguished themselves not only for their originality but also for their commercial success.

Each launch is greeted with enthusiasm, reflecting a perfect alignment between KIKI World’s creations and market expectations.

The brand has succeeded in turning community engagement into real conversions, proving the viability of its participation-focused business model.

Speaking about the KIKI World member community, Jana Bobosikova confirms that it does many things one would expect from a loyalty program.

However, she emphasizes that the “program’s mission is to make you a co-creator and co-owner of the products you use… Once our members have voted four or five times, they are really in the loop,” she comments, “…the underlying thesis and integrity of what we do is that you should be rewarded for what you do.

This not only translates into increased engagement but also valuable feedback and real-time data that contribute to the company’s future evolution.”


The influence of KIKI World extends beyond the boundaries of its own community to impact the entire beauty industry as a whole.

By breaking conventions and introducing new ways of thinking about the creation and consumption of beauty products, KIKI World inspires other brands to explore more inclusive and collaborative paths, thus redefining industry standards.

For industry giants, 5,000 members may seem insignificant.

However, for KIKI World, the current volume of members is not the priority.

The essential lies in the continuous growth of their number and in the engagement-related key performance indicators (KPIs) that would confirm the viability of their community-focused economic model.

At this stage, KIKI World seems to be only at the dawn of its development, with the team still working on optimizing the product-market fit.

However, the initial results are encouraging: a high participation rate in voting that positively impacts sales.

Kiki World : Products and campaigns

KIKI World’s innovative approach is reflected in a series of products and campaigns that have not only captivated its community but also captured the imagination of the larger market.

KIKI WORLD Pearl Pretty Nail Graffiti

This iconic product perfectly embodies the spirit of co-creation at KIKI World.

Developed with active participation from the community, this nail polish offers a new dimension to personal expression in the beauty realm.

The range of colors, formulation, and product design have all been refined through feedback and ideas from community members, resulting in a product that is not only innovative but also deeply rooted in the desires of those who use it.

The launch dates back to July 2023. The water-based formula allows for easy (and damage-free) nail color changes on the go.

Thanks to robotics and AI, the production turnaround time is just a month:

KIKI members selected shades for six weeks, with the first customers receiving the product a week after the voting closed.

With 21 variables to tweak, the brand allows members to vote on factors ranging from color to scent to specific formulations for skin or hair types. Countless combinations are possible.

kiki world Pearl Pretty Nail Graffiti

KIKI WORLD Fashion Week House Party

This bold campaign illustrates KIKI World’s ability to merge online and offline experiences, creating memorable and engaging brand moments.

By providing its community with a platform to interact directly with the brand during a large-scale event, KIKI World has not only strengthened ties with its members but has also demonstrated a new way to engage consumers in the fashion and beauty world.

Kiki world fashion week house party

KIKI WORLD Press relation

Instead of sending free products to the press before the launch – after all, how do you send someone a product that hasn’t been created yet – its founders launch a series of lab activations to show editors the lab versions of upcoming products. The brand also plans to host co-creation and co-hosting partnerships such as AR (Augmented Reality) experiences, including looks created by makeup artists for digital worlds.

Kiki world opportunities

Kiki World Challenges and Opportunities

The journey of KIKI World is not without challenges, but these obstacles are accompanied by significant opportunities for continued growth and innovation.

Navigating the Web3

One of the main challenges for KIKI World is making Web3 accessible and understandable for its expanded community. This involves not only ongoing education but also innovation in how blockchain technologies are integrated into the user experience to remain transparent and user-friendly.

Balancing Co-Creation and Brand Vision

Maintaining a balance between innovative ideas from the community and the overall consistency of the brand is a delicate exercise. KIKI World must ensure that co-creation enriches its vision without diluting its unique brand identity.

Expansion and Scalability

As KIKI World considers international expansion and diversification of its product range, the question of scalability of its co-creation model arises. How to maintain the same level of engagement and personal participation on a much larger scale?

This question lies at the heart of KIKI World’s strategic reflections for the future.

kiki world perspective

KIKI World, since its inception, has paved a radically new path in the beauty industry, reinventing the relationship between brands and their communities.

By placing co-creation and technological innovation at the core of its business model, KIKI World has not only succeeded in capturing the imagination of its users but has also laid the foundations for a broader movement towards more inclusive and participatory consumption.

Kiki World Future Perspectives

As KIKI World continues on its innovative trajectory, several avenues emerge for the future. International expansion and diversification of the product range are logical steps,

but it is in deepening its community engagement and in the continued exploration of the possibilities offered by Web3 that lies the true growth potential of KIKI World. The brand has the opportunity to become a true leader in how emerging technologies can enrich and transform brand experiences.

Scalability Questions

However, a major challenge arises: scalability, scaling up KIKI World’s co-creation model in a mass market. The strength of KIKI World lies in its deep community engagement, but by definition, a community cannot be infinite…

The brand must navigate the delicate balance between maintaining the intimacy and personalization of the community experience while broadening its accessibility and appeal to a larger market. This raises strategic questions about how community models can be adapted and developed to meet the demands of a larger consumer market without losing their essence.

Towards a New Era of Beauty

KIKI World is not just asking these questions; it is actively striving to find innovative solutions.

By using technologies like Web3 to facilitate large-scale co-creation and developing strategies to segment and engage micro-communities within its user base, KIKI World is exploring paths that could not only solve the scalability challenge but also open up new perspectives for consumer engagement and product creation.

Ultimately, KIKI World is more than a beauty brand; it is a precursor to a new way of thinking about production and consumption in the digital age.

Kiki world future of beauty

As the brand continues to navigate the evolving landscape of the beauty and technology industry, its experiences, challenges, and successes offer valuable lessons not only for other players in the beauty industry but also for all brands seeking to forge deeper and more meaningful connections with their communities.

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