Grabbing attention to maximize advertising effectiveness

Consumers are constantly bombarded with content vying for their attention.

> Grabbing attention is an essential step for advertising effectiveness:

Attention matters because it is closely linked to memory formation – ads that go unnoticed won’t be remembered or impactful.

> Not all attention is equal.

It’s important to measure not just whether consumers are paying any attention, but for how long, how deeply, and what exactly they are paying attention to.

> Attention is directly related to creative content and varies significantly by platform and ad environment (media).

You need an “exposure measurement framework” that involves creative and media and includes: 

  • Context sustainability
  • Viewability 
  • Attention (eyes on screen, eyetracking)
  • Active attention (emotional engagement)

Tailoring creative execution to fit the specific platform/context is crucial to optimally grab and retain consumer attention in today’s crowded media landscape.

Have you experienced attention measurement? Should it become a permanent KPI or a one time pre-test?