Can GenAI become a new digital media channel?

I think yes ❗

The rise of AI-powered language models means they will soon be answering billions of search queries per day.

This creates a new imperative for marketers to understand and optimize how these models perceive their brand, products, and content – their “share of model.”

New Digital media channel : SEO

The main recommendations are:

➡ Review all your brand’s online content assets to see how the language models interpret them.

➡ Directly query the models to establish a baseline understanding of how they currently view your brand compared to competitors. Adjust content accordingly.

➡ Continuously monitor and optimize share of model as a key metric, just like share of voice. The models are constantly learning, so brand perception within them evolves over time.

Since AI models will drive so much internet activity, ensuring they have an accurate, favorable perception of your brand is essential for marketers.

Ignoring this emerging “share of model” could mean losing audience entirely in an AI-driven future.

New Digital media channel : Sponsored answers

On the paid media side, we start seeing GenAI platforms with a business model based on media $

Generative AI search engine Perplexity, answer user questions based on web sources (incorporating videos, images, and data into its responses).

It links sources and suggests related questions users may want to ask next.

➡ Perplexity plans to start monetizing by allowing brands to influence the related questions it suggests, which account for 40% of queries on the platform.

➡ For the ad units to succeed, Perplexity needs to prove its scale, brand safety and ad targeting effectiveness.