About Marketing Growth …

MARKET is the most important part of marketing.

Growing markets through attracting new consumers and increasing consumption is the highest priority.

Media is one of the most powerful but underutilized tools for accelerating marketing growth.

A strategic framework for market expansion in 4 steps :

1️⃣ Reach

Achieve higher reach to attract more potential consumers into the market by broadly targeting all potential consumers, not just narrow demographic segments.

2️⃣ Effectiveness 

Invest in advertising proven to drive sales growth through in-market testing and measurement focused on sales impact.

3️⃣ Efficiency

Make media investments profitable by negotiating lower costs, eliminating wasteful supply chain costs, and avoiding excess ad frequency.

4️⃣ Integration 

Integrate reach, effectiveness and efficiency that optimize the combined impact.

This framework isn’t just a tool;
It’s a lens through which we can assess our marketing strategies.

Let’s apply this framework on web3 projects: 
Many bypass the ‘Reach’ phase, diving straight into ‘Effectiveness.’ 
This rush to conversion without broadening the market entrance could be a strategic misstep.
And this is true for many innovative digital projects

Are we laying the groundwork by extending our reach, or are we skipping steps in pursuit of immediate gains?

In which step do you think your market or project currently stands?

A must read article by P&G CMO: MEDIA GROWS MARKETS

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