Digital Media Readiness

Unveiling Digital Media Readiness score

Brand3index’s approach evaluates every dimension of digital media, from technology and talent to legal considerations and agency partnerships. 

It not only provides industry-level benchmarks but also offers a detailed internal assessment, making it a comprehensive tool for brands aiming to lead in the digital space. 

Simple to implement and understand, Brand3index quantifies the areas needing investment, guiding brands to craft effective, innovative digital media roadmaps.

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Innovation map

Web3 : From “NY, London, Shanghai” to “Panama, Riga, Accra”

In the realm of Web3, where the focus is on decentralization and revolutionary blockchain applications, it’s intriguing to observe that some of the most groundbreaking advancements are emerging from unlikely and often underestimated regions.

While Europe, China and the United States have long held the reins of technological innovation, it is the emerging economies that are now pushing the boundaries of possibility, reshaping the future of finance, marketing and Insurance through innovative use cases.

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