🚀 Nike, Adidas, and Gucci Lead the Charge in Web3: Unveiling insights from the Brand3index barometer

🔍 Decoding the Secrets of Web3 Brand Success – Beyond the names what drives success in the Web3 space? The Brand3index Q3 – 2023 report reveals key insights into brand maturity in the Web3 universe, showing what sets apart the top performers.

Althought the value of NFTs has decreased in 2023, yet every week, new brands are venturing into this new marketing channel. The latest quarterly study from Brand3index (Q3 – 2023) proves this once again.

📌 The two leading brands in this ranking are Nike and Adidas with a score of 130 (out of 200), followed by Gucci (127).

📌 At the top of the list, we find global giants like Starbucks (5th), Lacoste (8th), Porsche (14th), Louis Vuitton (17th), and Mastercard (19th), as well as lesser-known brands that have successfully embraced the specifics of Web3, such as Reddit (5th), Kiki World (16th), SOL3MATES (27th).

🥇 The Winning Formula: Preparation Meets Performance – From industry giants to rising stars like Kiki World, one thing is clear: success in Web3 is a combination of thorough readiness and flawless execution. These brands’ deep understanding and strategic alignment with the Web3 market are pivotal.

🌟 Redefining Engagement: Utility as the New Benchmark – The most successful Web3 initiatives offer more than just NFT launches; they deliver genuine consumer value. Starbucks Odyssey and Nike’s .Swoosh are prime examples of creating unique customer experiences.

📈 Web3 Pure Players: The Emerging Success Stories – The report also sheds light on purely Web3 brands like Royal.io and Kiki World, showcasing innovative business models that engage communities and carve out new market spaces.

🔥 The Takeaway: A Web3 Revolution in Progress – The Brand3index report emphasizes the critical role of strategic adaptation and value-focused execution in Engagement. This emerging trend is reshaping the landscape for both established and new brands alike.

🚀 Dive deep into the performance analytics of 92 programs by 58 brands across 8 industries on Polygon and Ethereum.