Eiffel tower

Travel experience enhanced by web3 innovation

Our daily lives are more digital than ever, and in this context, blockchain technology is gradually emerging as a transformative force across many sectors of activity. It brings particularly notable innovation with the development of non-fungible tokens, more commonly known by the acronym “NFT”. These digital assets are distinguished by their unique character and their ability to provide irrefutable proof of ownership and authenticity.

Web3 Society

Experience Web3 Innovation in Lisbon!

Join the vibrant Web3 Society community in Lisbon for an unforgettable rooftop event on May 29th, just minutes from the NFC Summit. This free, limited-ticket evening will be hosted at The Block Lisboa, featuring startup pitches, insightful discussions on art, culture, and gaming, and complimentary drinks. Whether you’re looking to connect with industry leaders or showcase your own startup, this is your gateway.

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GenAI Content Data

GenAI: Should we talk about Content or Data?

Words matters, if you are a publisher, you will talk about Content, 

If you are in GenAI, you will talk about data or supply… for the same thing!

We will talk about data … keeping in mind that this « data » is « content »: text, images and video produced by humans, and for most of them, qualitative content!

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