Empire State Building Launches Web3 Membership

The iconic Empire State Building has just rolled out an NFT-based Web3 membership program. 

Is it a game changer? Not yet …

Every new member receives a unique NFT. 

These digital tokens are collectibles.

With every visit, you gather points, unlocking a world of exclusive perks. 

Your journey from the initial Ambassador tier up to Platinum enriches your NFT portfolio, each tier unlocking special rewards as exclusive observatory access and invites to events.

But here’s where it gets really interesting: 

Imagine the potential for local businesses to weave into this Web3 fabric. 

Nearby and complementary businesses could leverage these NFTs in a permission less way : 

  • A department store could offer special treats to NFT holders 
  • A Snack could offer free drink to NFT holders
  • Another city landmark could offer discount etc…

The targeting of international tourists visiting NY are an interesting potential for web3!

Anyone interested in building similar targeting in Paris for the olympics?

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