Bloomly Forges Powerful Partnership with Brand3index to Elevate Web3 Innovation

CINCINNATI, OH, And PARIS, FR – Bloomly, the pioneering NFT platform revolutionizing digital asset creation, is proud to unveil a groundbreaking partnership with Brand3index, a distinguished authority in quantitatively evaluating brands’ Web3 maturity to shape innovation roadmaps and enhance ROI. 

Brand3index is a business intelligence agency, helping brands in entering web3 (Web3 Readiness and educational material) and maximizing web3 ROI (Performance evaluation and optimization). By partnering with Bloomly, Brand3index aims to empower current and future Bloomly portfolio of brands with best in class measurement to thrive in the Web3 landscape.

Karim Eid, Co-Founder of Brand3index, emphasizes the significance of this partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Bloomly opens new horizons for brands to navigate the evolving Web3 landscape. By merging our data-driven expertise with Bloomly’s innovative NFT platform, we aim to equip brands and creators with the insights necessary to succeed in the digital age.”

Audrey Nesbitt, CEO and Co-Founder of Bloomly, echoes the sentiment, affirming, “Brand3index is a trailblazer in evaluating Web3 maturity, and our partnership amplifies Bloomly’s commitment to providing our clients with cutting-edge resources. Together, we empower brands and creators to embrace the dynamic world of NFTs more confidently.”

This successful partnership initiated in 2023 expands in 2024, promises to extend both units’ reach in terms of geography and redefine the possibilities of digital innovation, offering brands an unparalleled opportunity to navigate the evolving digital landscape.

About Brand3index

Brand3index is a leading business intelligence firm dedicated to helping brands shape their digital innovation strategies for superior ROI. 

Our pioneering approach involves assessing your organization’s readiness to web3 and web3 campaign measurement and benchmark . Through executive education and consultations, we offer invaluable guidance worldwide. Covering automotive, entertainment, retail, CPG, luxury, beauty, food, drinks, and travel industries, we conduct in-depth research, benchmarking 200+ global and local brands. Brand3index equips brands with a comprehensive understanding of digital innovation, delivering actionable insights for success.

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About Bloomly

Bloomly, a pioneering Web3 platform, provides a crucial infrastructure layer for a seamless foray into the digital asset landscape. Offering a pre-built, fully functional, and no-code solution, Bloomly is an innovative NFT minting SaaS platform, that empowers individuals and businesses to create fully functional NFT storefronts without the need for coding or large upfront expenses. This comprehensive toolset equips Web2 brands with the means to smoothly transition into the Web3 era, all within their existing websites, streamlining the path to digital innovation.

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