Do You Need web3 in your loyalty program?

Short answer : Maybe. 

But the real answer lies in understanding your objectives.

Consider this:

🔍 Benchmark:

Starbucks launched Odyssey and uses web3 to gamify their loyalty program across online and in-store. With similar objectives, Sephora is not relying on web3. 

In the travel industry, Lufthansa group launched Uptrip app that allows passengers to scan their boarding pass and exchange it for NFT collectible cards and redeemed for rewards. 

AirFrance, with similar objectives don’t use NFT collectible cards.

Within similar industries and objectives, the necessity of blockchain varies. It hinges on the functionalities and partner relations you aim to incorporate into your loyalty program.

🌟 Here is a simplified Decision Tree:

Do you need a blockchain

Reach out to assess your readiness for web3 and understand the benefits and limits of this technology for your loyalty program