Maximize Performance with AI: Why Google and Meta advertising results skyrocketed ❓

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, acknowledged the pivotal role played by #AI in Google’s remarkable achievement.

Nearly 80% of advertisers already use at least one AI-powered #Searchads product : RSA, Performance Max etc…

Today’s challenge is : Maximize performance with AI vs. control delivery with human control.

➡ Advertisers want a balance of automation to help streamline processes along with human control and oversight.

➡ Advertisers are concerned that Google is increasingly pushing automation without giving them enough control or ability to opt out.

➡ Advertisers like having transparency into how their ads are performing and how their budget is being spent. With increased automation, there is less visibility and more of a “black box” approach.

➡ Advertiser are conscious of risks with full automation, as AI can make decisions based on flawed data or goals that don’t align with the advertiser’s best interests.

↗ Google remains committed to expanding AI capabilities

↗ Google says automation works best when combined with human expertise.

↗ Google will continue to listen to advertiser feedback.

There are differing views on the right level of #automation versus #humancontrol.

Advertisers want more choice and ability to opt out, while Google sees increased automation as the future.

💡 Maximize Performance with AI: Epilogue is already written

Automated ads are more performant

Automated ads are cheaper to operate.

Winner … Google

It also works if you replace « Google » by « Meta »