📊 Performance Score: Unveiling Holistic Brand NFT Impact Across Awareness, Engagement and Action 🚀

Hello, fellow adventurers of the Brand NFT realm! We embarked on a fascinating expedition that has led us to a crucial milestone – the unveiling of the – Performance Score – This KPI grants us insights into the world of Brands’ NFT campaigns, where the journey from Awareness, through Engagement, and into Action reveals a brand’s true impact.

🔑 Guided by Proxy Metrics: remember our journey is guided by proxy metrics, our compass in this uncharted territory of brand measurement. With each step, we’ve nurtured a sense of curiosity, seeking to demystify the intricacies of NFT campaigns and their effect on brand value.

🔍 Through the Prism of Awareness, Engagement, and Action: Our initial strides took us through the prism of Awareness, unveiling the orchestration of PR and Web2 activations that set the stage for brand NFT visibility. We then ventured into the realm of Engagement, where Porsche’s 911 revival story stood in stark contrast to Renault’s Genr R5 quest for enduring connection.

🏁 Unveiling the Performance Scores: And now, we present the culmination of our journey – the Performance Scores. These numbers aren’t mere figures; they encapsulate the symphony of Awareness, Engagement, and Action.

📉 Action Stage: As we explore the Action stage, as you will see in the carroussel – a common thread emerges – none of the auto brands measured have yet ascended to the pinnacle of performance. Even as Porsche recovered from its initial misstep and other brands made strides – the quest for a high overall Performance Score remains a journey in progress –

🌌 Guided by the Performance Score: Navigating Forward: As we step into this new phase, powered by the Performance Score, we venture into uncharted territories of brand measurement. This score transcends revenue, illuminating the dynamic interplay of Awareness, Engagement, and Action.

Our path, remains a work in progress, subject to further refinements and discoveries.

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