Digital Media Readiness

Unveiling Digital Media Readiness score

Brand3index’s approach evaluates every dimension of digital media, from technology and talent to legal considerations and agency partnerships. 

It not only provides industry-level benchmarks but also offers a detailed internal assessment, making it a comprehensive tool for brands aiming to lead in the digital space. 

Simple to implement and understand, Brand3index quantifies the areas needing investment, guiding brands to craft effective, innovative digital media roadmaps.

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Web3 and Wine

Web3 and Wine

The world of wine is undergoing a transformation. Web3 technologies are revolutionizing this traditional sector. Wine, being an experiential product by nature, seems at first glance distant from the digital world.

However, interest in the digitization of wine using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is spreading across the entire sector. WineTech, which brings together stakeholders in the sector, is leading the way in this transformation.

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Eiffel tower

Travel experience enhanced by web3 innovation

Our daily lives are more digital than ever, and in this context, blockchain technology is gradually emerging as a transformative force across many sectors of activity. It brings particularly notable innovation with the development of non-fungible tokens, more commonly known by the acronym “NFT”. These digital assets are distinguished by their unique character and their ability to provide irrefutable proof of ownership and authenticity.